General Principles of Conduct and Action

    Saint-Gobain's response to the challenges of sustainable development is informed by values shared by our entire corporate community. These values are described in the Group Principles of Conduct and Action.

    Principles of conduct

    • Professional commitment
    • Respect for others
    • Integrity
    • Loyalty
    • Solidarity

    are the fundamental values that unite corporate leaders and employees and shape each team member's conduct.

    Principles of action

    • Respect for the law
    • Caring for the environment
    • Worker health and safety
    • Employee rights

    guides the actions of all corporate leaders and employees in the performance of their duties.
    Beach Walk
    Beach walks every weekend over a month to promote an active lifestyle, de-stress and connect with nature

    Stretching Classes
    Weekly stretching sessions with a specialist to promote a more healthy and positive environment

    A short hike to Saint Thomas Mount
    A short hike to Saint Thomas Mount after which participants were met by

    Table Tennis
    Table tennis tournaments to inculcate a spirit of friendly competition

    Impact of Engineering Education on Industrial Innovation
    Poster 1

    For Teacher's Day
    We would like to share with you about the current openings at SGRI and would br happy if you could refer us your best.

    Independence Day Quiz and Drawing Competition
    SGRI celebrated the 68th Independence Day with lots of fun,
    fervor and activities for our team.
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