Glass for Architecture & Automotive

    Hand crafted for millenia, industrialised for centuries, glass is a material in constant evolution

    Glass for Architecture

    Hand crafted for millenia, industrialised for centuries, glass is a material in constant evolution. We work on improving manufacturing processes, developing new value added products and creating new dimensions to application of glass products. We develop competencies in the areas of glass raw materials and melting, online coating processes, offline coatings, processing, application innovation, logistics, etc. Glass, being a recognized building material, fits in to the core of the Sustainable Habitat strategy of Saint-Gobain. To this end, we also develop Habitat solutions in the areas of energy efficiency, thermal comfort and daylighting to understand the impact of Glass in conditioned buildings in hot-humid climates. Glass development involves a range of scientific skills, such as materials science, chemistry, chemical, mechanical, optical sciences, building physics as well as modelling and characterisation methods.

    Glass R&D at SGRI is integrated with the Global SG R&D centers and supports business in India, Africa and other global manufacturing units. In particular, the SGRI team works closely with Glass Business. Glass Business, a subsidiary of Compagnie de Saint-Gobain, manufactures and markets a wide variety of flat glass products and solutions. It started its operations in 2000 with the commissioning of the first float glass plant. Since then, it has rapidly expanded and deepened its presence in the Indian Flat Glass Market. SGGI's philosophy of being close to the customer and investing in cutting edge technology has resulted in a constant stream of relevant and successful new products. Today SGGI is the clear market leader in the Architectural glass industry. The brand is well known and trusted.

    Glass for Automotive

    Saint-Gobain Sekurit supplies automotive glazing and modular components for the global vehicle manufacturing segment and the replacement market. The Company is present in 22 countries, with 45 per cent market share in the European Market and over 21 per cent Worldwide and a rapidly growing presence in Asia.

    Saint-Gobain Sekurit India produces laminated windshields and tempered glazing for the Indian Automotive Market and has a presence in several important OEMs like Tata Motors, Hyundai Motors, Maruti Suzuki, Honda SIEL, General Motors, Mahindra-Renault, among others. The product segment includes passenger cars and MUV's, Commercial Vehicles, 3-wheelers and bus/coach builders. It has two manufacturing facilities in Pune (Chakan and Bhosari).


    We deliver innovative solutions with real added value that improve quality of life in terms of new material, function, form, creating ready-to-mount/ready-to–dismantle that pave the way to the future of Automotive glazing.

    AED at SGRI is integrated with other R&D centers across the globe (CRDC, HRDC) and supports automotive glazing business in India. We support Saint-Gobain Sekurit in the following areas:
    • Global support for KTS Tool design of automotive glazing for the vehicle manufacturing segment and the replacement market to match the design requirements of OEMS.
    • Global support for Heating film pattern design and simulation (heating filaments).
    • New Business by influencing OEMS for co-creation through novel glazing designs.
    • Establishment of experimental validation (where, how)
    • New products with reduced time to design and manufacture for low cost through Collaboration with IIT madras and design schools

    Changing requirements by both users and governments make new challenges for SEKURIT, AED at SGRI. AED at SGRI have always seen and will always see glazing as a crucial element in designs that differentiate vehicles in the Indian market.
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